The Creation of Unlimit

I have been asked many times how I started with Unlimit Global Enterprises? Was it something I took over? was it something I created myself? was it a whim or a passion? and so much more. The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes!

I know your now confused how I can say yes to everything on that list so let me explain. My father who passed away several years ago always had a passion for helping the less fortunate. He instilled in me from a young a age the value of donating time at the local mission feeding the homeless and gave a lot of his money to worthy causes. So a sense when I started my passion for charity and changing the world for the better it was in a sense taking over what he started but never did on a large scale. The vision I had was much greater in score and scale than he would ever dream of. He was a simple man with simple taste and a generous spirit. I would describe myself as a man who see’s a problem and instead of thinking that is terrible, I hope one day it gets fixed, I immediately think how can I fix this?

Some call that a gift, and some a curse, but it is who I am and I have learned to love that about myself. I originally created the concept of what would ultimately become Unlimit Global Enterprises while in my early 20’s. I was on vacation in San Francisco and while out grabbing a my friend i was riding with a burger and me a strawberry shake –one of my vices– I noticed several homeless people in a line off to the side asking for water. I later found out they were all living near by in the park near by. Now I always new in concept the homeless issue was quite bad in S.F. as well as several other major cities. But today for some reason even more than in my youth serving soup and sandwiches at the local mission, but that day I felt empathy on a whole new level as I watched first hand a young couple about my age basically begging for water. I was moved and even though I had very little money left because it was the last day of my trip and I had burnt through what little cash I had for the most part, I reached in my pocket and grabbed my last 17 bucks and ordered a few burgers and and gave the them to the young couple along with the 10 dollars of the money. They were so overwhelmed and grateful I got what seemed like a dozen hugs and God Bless yous. –and on a side note in my life I have been told God Bless You by many more homeless people than church goers, fun fact—-And as I went back to the car where my friend was waiting it struck me that here in the greatest country on earth, in the one of the wealthiest cities on the planet there are people my age starving and sleeping in parks on benches and begging for water at the local McDonald’s

The whole ride back down south I was quietly thinking of how tragic that was and what could be done to remedy this, so in the future this would not happen to young people, or anyone of any age would not have to suffer such terrible circumstances. It also made me reevaluate my moments of self pity and that we all have when we do not appreciate what we do have. Here I was worried about if I could afford a bigger TV set for my bedroom, because I had spent my meager savings on this trip with my buddy, while there were people without a bed. Really makes you think.

So as me and my friend were driving along listening to the radio and I was thinking I clearly remember the moment like it was yesterday I said to myself, I should start my own charity that caters to homeless women and kids and focuses on helping kids and teens and women to end this crappy cycle. I can still remember the song playing on the radio as this happened as well “Say You’ll Be there, by the Spice Girls” —told you this was a number of years back—So in effect yes Unlimit at its core was born on a whim, and from a long instilled and burning passion and over the last 15 plus years it has grown even more intense and dynamic.

I wish I could say I went home and changed the world starting that very day but that would be as far from the truth as it can get. I was a man in his early 20’s and far from ready to be the person who would attempt to start a global movement. No I kept that passion but had no idea how to make it happen. So kept doing my normal life, working a few odd jobs to make a living, and dreaming one day I will make the world a better place. It took over 5 more years of living and learning before I was really ready to make that huge step of really focusing on doing something. Isn’t it funny how the biggest steps in life are often made from the simplest moments. Like choosing that fast food place for lunch that day totally changed where I would one day go with my life,

Fast forward 5 years after our spice girls sound-tracked epiphany to the summer of 2002. I begin doing some simi-managing of a friends garage band and the band lets be honest, to say they were bad would be like saying that competing in The Hunger Games is mildly bad for kids health. In other words they were terrrrrrible….But it was my job to get them gigs, well I managed to actually get that band 17 shows at locals bars and clubs over the that summer. —- helps to play to a drunk crowd on a Tuesday night if your music sucks, just a little musical tip. So as I’m booking the 17th and finale gig for this band who will remain nameless as the members have sworn me to secrecy to protect their current image as business men. It was during that day that leading up to that epic crap-fest sound check that I realized my gifts were being wasted. I had a talent for managing people and helping direct talent, I should be working with real talent.

And so I began working off and on as a talent manager and Booker for various acts, and made friends with a wide variety of people from musicians to actors, models, director screen writers and more as I studied and threw myself full force into the world of entertainment. Creating the second phase in effect of what would ultimately become the ultimate mix of entertainment and charity. I hope this gives you a little taste pf what was behind the creation and mindset of of creating Unlimit Global Enterprises. Hopefully this helps motivate anyone out there with a dream and a passion to realize anyone can make a difference and there is no such thing as impossible if you truly folly your heart.


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