Welcome to the world of Unlimit

I will start my adventure into the world of blogging by introducing myself. My name is Tony Ray and I been a lot of things in my life. But all those I am sure will be covered in greater detail as we go on this adventure together I am sure. But what I am most proud of of in my life is that I created Unlimit Global Enterprises.

I have no kids, so in effect UNLIMIT is my baby. being these blogs will be available both on the company website as well as wordpress.com So if you have followed me a while and are looking back on old blogs or your are one of the first to read this, you will undoubtedly notice the shameless plugs about the company and what we do. So I will try to keep that limited here and in a future blog will dive deeply into what made me create Unlimit Global Enterprises.

But a little about who I am a person first. I am a man, “as if my name did not give that away” And as of the time of writing this I am 37 years old. I have oddly enough never been married, close a time or 2 but never tired the knot as of yet. Nothing against marriage at all just one thing or another in life has kept me from it, but myself one day. I like I said am not opposed. I was born and raised in California, and lived there till I was 10 then went back east and lived in New Jersey for 2 years then back to California till my mid 20’s when I moved to Oklahoma for a time. then back to California and now I live full time back here in the sooner state again, “Oklahoma for those who did know that’s what it was called” I have grown quite fond of Oklahoma over the time I have been here and find it’s people to be very kindhearted and amazingly generous and compassionate. Growing up in southern California, and then on the east coast in NJ/NY area I always thought of Oklahoma as cowboy country, and of course the famous musical…ooooooooklahoma where the green grass grows…..okay no singing in blogs…that is a law isn’t it? If not for the sake of the read it should be. But I bet all of the readers who know the play just sang that in their heads…either your welcome or I am sorry based on your reaction. Okay back to my point. And for future reference I often spell okay “ok” but being the State of Oklahoma in short is OK I will save that for later to avoid confusion. So as I was saying my concept of Oklahoma was not all that accurate. I never thought negatively of the state just did not particularly think it would be the ideal place for a man who grew up listening to Areosmith and Michael Jackson instead of Will Rodgers and Hank Williams. So imagine my surprise when I realized hey there are pop and rock lovers here also? I am partially joking and partly serious about my expectation when I visited Oklahoma City for the first time back in 2003. I was actually visiting a woman I was dating at the time who was from Oklahoma, so that was first exposure to the sooner state. It was quick enjoyable and I quickly fell in love with the sweet nature of the people and their strong desire to be the best and work hard while still holding on to the values we hold dear, such as family, respect, faith, and more. So here I am 11 years later back here and putting down roots and making Oklahoma the headquarters of my company. How time flies. Oh and I am still friends with the woman I was dating at the time, though we are no longer dating she is a good friend and so there is no bitter taste in my mouth from that.

Ok lets close this blog with 5 fun facts about me. Number 1 I am obsessed with Diet Coke. Number 2 I am a OKC Thunder fan (big shocker I know living in Oklahoma) Number 3 I like to try to cook “emphasis on the word try” Number 4 My favorit band I have nothing to do with, I have to be clear on the nothing to do with part as Unlimit does have Unlimit records and I love all our artists. But favorite band we do not have signed and I have loved over a decade is Evanescence. Amy Lee is amazing singer, and a awesome person, her music has spoken to me and really helped my over the years. And number 5 is I used to and still when I have free time which is less and less as the years pass, just sit and watch several hours of youtube videos. 3 of my personal favorite channels are Grav3yardgirl, Good Mythical Morning, and of course everyone’s fav Jenna Marbles. Ok so that was a tiny taste of who I am, and I hope you enjoyed it and continue to enjoy what I bring to you in both blog and podcast form over the years and of course continue to support Unlimit Global Enterprises and our mission to revolutionize business, entertainment, and charity as we know it. Until next time, remember to Unlimit Your World.


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